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About Us

Yup, that’s a photo of me after a long, hot day in Houston, Texas pulling cabinets in one of the first houses that me and my Dad invested in. This was in the early 80’s and I was his helper for 15 years. I learned everything from buying homes, setting up contractors, financing homes, evicting non-payers (yup, I stepped into “the dark side” too!). Dad passed away in 1992 and in 1994 I married my business partner, Steven! I obtained a Masters in Business and have worked in new home sales and multi-family housing.

Steven had been working as a contractor for his uncle since the late 60’s and definitely knows his way around contractors. He’s also done some home inspections but is no longer licensed so now he just gives me his “opinion” on investment deals.

We’ve invested in some great deals and also in some not-so-great deals. If you’ve been around you know it happens. We understand that in order to sell quickly, there needs to be a healthy profit in every deal and we’re always looking for that great deal for ourselves and for you!

I’ve decided to get my real estate license in 2017 and asked myself - what do I have that other real estate agents don’t? Well, Steven and I believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. We constantly work to find ways to automate or improve our processes to save time and money. We were investors long before anything else so we totally understand the numbers should work to make the deal work.

We also do the math for you so you can decide if the deal is actually worth your time. We also only send out emails announcements to those who request it. Receiving the email notice will give you a significant leg up on our deals. Because we try to match what we find to those who are looking for deals and use email alerts, our deals are rarely available for very long..

Our expertise allows us to offer a constant flow of fresh deals that are local to this area, and in some cases in other parts of the state.

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